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IGGP Graphite Gland Packing

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IGGP Graphite Gland Packing is made of expanded graphite yarn braids, and is resistant to heat and chemicals, and tight in sealing. This material is used in the steam valves of power plants, as static sealing in high temperature and pressure conditions, and in applications where chemical corrosion (except concentrated sulfuric acid or strong oxidizing agents) prevails.

Application conditions:

1)Max. working temperature:-200 ~ +650℃(STEAM)

                                               -200 ~ +450℃(ATMOSPHERE)

2)Max. working pressure:

  Graphite Packing with Carbon Yarn,SS304 or Inconel Wire:30 Mpa

  Graphite Packing with Inconel Wire Jacketed:40 Mpa

3)PH value: 0 - 14

4)Linear speed: 0 -2m/s

5)Cross Section: 1/8" ~ 2"

6)Density: 1.10 ~ 1.30g/cc

7)Density :1.50 ~ 1.60g/cc(with inconel jacketed)